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God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing. - Rabindranath Tagore 💥(✿◠‿◠) @Lena Owens Do It With Passion Or Not At All @OLenaArt.LenaOwens 🌻Denver, CO, USA www.olenaart.me “Art teaches nothing except the significance of life.” ― Henry Miller My prices: I usually price my original work $1.2 per square inch. Combining the value on the time I put into the work, quality, the price of their materials, the value of my creativity, plus any other factors as necessary as packing, shipping, marketing. As an example 18in x 24in painting: at $1.20 per sq inch, would cost $518.4 Prices for art prints can be found on http://olenaart.me/ Lena Owens is an artist, contemporary, impressionist from Colorado. Currently residing in Denver Colorado who claims herself more of a self-taught artist and that is always eager to learn something new, she loves playing and experimenting with fresh ideas. Her philosophy and worldview developed through observation, reading and learning. Her family traditions takes roots in Lithuanian ancestry with it's character, tales, myths and fables, which common to all European nations with it's magical and spiritual accent on connection with nature, compassion to all living things and harmonious cooperation and interaction with outside world and it's Universal Laws. In such fables, God often visits people to guide them in moral quests, and when people are not able to recognize Him because they lost connection with their inner voice, intuition and insights in order to live right and act morally in the presence of God, comes recognition of urgent necessity to heal, to reconnect with that inner light, which require individual, inner journey to re-unite with the Whole-Holy. To heal means to to be whole again, to be Holy. Language is full of wisdom. Roots of words have access to that stored collective wisdom. The soul has memory and the heart has connection to it. Folklore, myths, symbols and tales, language, words, visual art are like beacons In our journey. One of the things that makes me inspired is an example of many artists from the past, who used palette knife to place enormous amounts of color and texture directly onto the canvas. There is a sense of color vibrancy that is added to the artwork. The viewer is drawn into a visual array of color and texture by Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. I follow and trying to learn from modern artists, who are using traditional palette knife technique: Leonid Afremov, Lyudmila Agrich, Maya Eventov, Mona Edulesco, Jessilyn Park, Sharon Cummings, Graham Gercken, Ana Maria Edulescu! All of them are great example, how to use bright, bold application of thick paint layers! Way to go! Lena's intense interest in art traces back from her father, a still life and nature painter which also happens to be an independent writer and a philosopher and his style and talents developed under the influence of traditional Russian academic art training. Who has been a mentor and art teacher in her life and who by the way is still her source of inspiration. Her further intrinsic talents were molded during her formal art education through correspondence courses in Moscow Art Academy. These talents were harnessed through reading, meditation, observation and practice. From her works, one can see that the inner vitality gives her the power to act, thereby, transforming that energy into a form of art, the final form she fondly names wall décor. Lena recognizes the existence of an inner world where all creativity is born and where is she finds her freedom, happiness and joy. With her Creation is possible when peace and harmony is attained within. She believes that the ability to perceive beauty brings inner peace and clarity. When that happens, it can manifest itself outward in various ways, including art. John Updike once said, the artist brings something into the world that did not exist before, and they do it without destroying anything else. With that idea, the art that has been created does even more than bring joy. With its energy, it transforms everything around it. It heals. She Lena does her artworks; she does not perceive herself as a creator but more of a conductor of tools to transform the inner perception to outer creations because there is no ‘ME’ in creation according to her. When there is inner peace, joy, and beauty, it quickly manifests itself in creation. Her stimulation as an artist is solely on her ability to hear the inner call and interpret it with colors using the art language—colors, shapes, perfume and energetic fields. Lena works and became confident with different techniques; she paints with oil, palette knifes and sometimes create Fresco-Secco artwork which give antique look to her paintings and also takes a lot of time and effort. As a result of the much needed effort and time needed, she seldom works with frescoes but when she does it comes out unique and antique looking paintings, which will be described in #3 booklet. She is also a photographer learning a lot from the local Camera Photo Club that encourages healthy competitions twice a month. We are learning together how to use cameras and that wonderful tool called Photoshop. She photographs nature, landscapes, macro shorts and panoramas as well, which she creates from multiple shots stitched together. Lena Owens draws her deep artistic qualities from raw emotional positivity that reflects into her work.


Autumn reflections in Beaver Pond Aspen Colorado by OLena Art Brand


2 Amazing Bighorn Sheep in Black and White by OLena Art by OLena Art Brand


Mountain Aspen Autumn Road by OLena Art Brand


The King Of Wings at Badlands by OLena Art by OLena Art Brand


Fall Aspen Tree Hike by OLena Art by OLena Art


The Red Fern Grows in the Aspen Groves by OLena Art by OLena


Colorado Autumn Wonder Panorama 2 by OLena Art by OLena Art Brand


Colorado Autumn Wonder Panorama in Black and White by OLena Art Brand


Aspen Trees by OLena Art by OLena Art


Colorado Autumn Wonder Panorama by OLena Art Brand


Maroon Bells Reflection in the Maroon Lake with Fresh Snow Aspen Colorado USA. by OLena Art Brand


Buffalo charge. Bison Running, Ground Shaking When They Trampled through Arsenal Wildlife Refuge by OLena Art Brand


Aspen Trees Against the Sky in Crested Butte, Colorado. by OLena Art Brand


Crested Butte Colorado Fall Colors Panorama - 3 by OLena Art Brand


Crested Butte Colorado Fall Colors Panorama - 1 by OLena Art Brand


Crested Butte Colorado Fall Colors Panorama - 2 by OLena Art Brand


Autumn Blaze outside of Crested Butte, Colorado. by OLena Art Brand


Milky Way Night sky in Moab Arches National Park \ by OLena Art Brand


Tropical Coastline Hawaii Aerial Photograph Of The Isolated Napali Coast by OLena Art Brand


Double Arch and the Milky Way - Arches National Park - Moab, Utah. by OLena Art Brand


Windy Day in the Grassland. Original Oil Painting Impressionist Landscape. by OLena Art Brand


Hanging Lake Spouting Rock at Glenwood Canyon Glenwood Spring by OLena Art Brand


Double Arch and the Milky Way - Arches National Park - Moab, Utah 2 by OLena Art Brand


Original Oil Painting with Palette knife on Canvas - Impressionist Roling Blue Sea Waves by OLena Art Brand


Fireworks Reflection Panorama by OLena Art Brand


OLena Art Sunrise at Maroon Bells Lake Autumn Aspen Trees in The Rocky Mountains Near Aspen Colorado by OLena Art Brand


OLena Art Starry Night Pointer at Delicate Arch Moab National Park by OLena Art Brand


The Grand Tetons National Park Autumn OLena Art Fall Colors Photography by OLena Art Brand


La regata Decorative Horizontal Panorama Painting by OLena by OLena Art Brand


Impression Sunset Print from OLena Art Original Oil Painting #Pixels by OLena Art Brand


Bison Running print of OLena Art Wild the Storm Oil Painting With Palette Knife by OLena Art Brand


Ram Portrait - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep by OLena Art by OLena Art Brand


OLena Art Tee Design Bee-yoo-tee-ful Drawing by OLena Art Brand


Olena Art Bison The Mighty Beast Bison Das Machtige Tier North American Wildlife by OLena Art Brand


Colorado Fall Colors by OLena Art Brand


Celestial Starlight in the Forest Near Lake Irene Colorado by OLena Art Brand


Rise Shine Sing by OLena Art Brand


Reflection of the Universe by OLena Art Brand


Two Zebras Playing With Each Other by OLena Art Brand


Colorful Colorado by OLena Art Brand


Transition by OLena Art Brand


OLena Art Serene Chill Hanging Lake Photograph the Gem of Glenwood Canyon Colorado by OLena Art Brand


Red Rocks Reflection by OLena Art Brand


That Sunflower From The Sunflower State by OLena Art Brand


I can t by OLena Art Brand


Adobe Church by OLena Art Brand


Angel Of Harmony 18X24 by OLena Art Brand


Colorful Colorado - panorama by OLena Art Brand